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Humanitarian Assistance

  • Orphans
  • Landmine Victims
  • Refugees and IDPs
  • Disaster Relief

Capacity Building

  • Youth Leadership Development
  • Human Rights Reporting
  • Multi-media Skills
  • Practical Skills
  • Conflict Resolution

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  • Inter-tribal School and Orphanage
  • Co-op Groups for Community Development

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  • Orphanage
  • Home building

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Burma First, Mission
A Return to American Exceptional-ism 
Director's Statement 2014

What Americans stand for is being tested today in Burma.  We scarcely grasp the gravity of this because Burma is remote, far from our interests.  But nothing could be further from the truth.

Our faithful allies from World War II, who have defended the spirit of democracy at a bloody price ever since, are now encircled by the Burmese Army.   

Ethnic Kachin and Karen are in a “last stand” situation in Northern Kachin State and Northern Karen State.  The Kachin are under bombardment as 2014 opens.   The Karen in the north are being infiltrated and encircled by a strengthening Burmese Army.  Time is ticking.

The so-called reformist Government of Myanmar is little more than the puppet of Burmese generals pulling the strings in the shadows.  There has been zero accountability to date for decades of Burmese Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes and Human Rights Violations.   Yet the international community and now America is engaging Burmese elite power brokers bent on dominance of ethnics. 

Beleaguered ethnic freedom fighters remain ever hopeful of Americans as their champions.   The world watches to see how we will respond.  Will we fall in line with Europeans and others who now see Burma as their new cash cow super-rich in natural resources and labor potential on ethnic ancestral lands?  Or will we hold the line and stay true to our ethos defending “truths that are self evident”?

The Alamo 2014.  What we do in Burma will signal to the world what Americans really stand for.  At issue is America’s very stature as the world’s moral Super Power.  “Live free or die”  -  a freedom  fighters words scratched on a wooden sign in a jungle mountain encampment in Northern Karen State - is a call to colors for Americans who believe that we must be “exceptional” in standing in the gap with those who seek Liberty.  If not these faithful friends, then who is it in all the world that merits our commitment.

Job One?   Worldwide Impact Now (WIN) facilitates a network of volunteers who are dedicated to the ideal that America must do what is right just because it is right for those who seek sweet Liberty.  This is about being exceptional in championing the oppressed.   American honor is now center stage in Burma.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish."

Sincerely, Tim and Linda

Founders, Worldwide Impact Now

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